By Nicholas – Published on December 10, 2017
2017 saw some of the first Blockchain and Bitcoin stocks listed on major exchanges. Canada has become a world leader in helping cutting edge technology companies to access capital in the equity markets, and it looks like 2018 will see a lot more action in this area. According to GMP Capital...
Published on December 7, 2017
Peter Spina, Founder & President of |, believes they are more complimentary than they are adversaries, and here's why.
Published on December 6, 2017
Frank Curzio shares insight on the Bitcoin market.
By Nicholas – Published on December 5, 2017
The entire cryptocurrency space had an incredible year. Bitcoin is the largest crypto at the moment, when measured by market capitalization, but smaller cryptos like Ethereum have seen much larger gains since the beginning of 2017. While bitcoin has gone up by nearly 1000% since January,...
By Lindsay – Published on December 1, 2017
DMG Blockchain Solutions CEO Dan Reitzik defines blockchain mining and discusses how industries will be disrupted by blockchain technology.
By Nicholas – Published on November 29, 2017
With the value of a Bitcoin smashing through the $10,000 USD level, a lot of attention is going to the rapid ascent of crypto prices over the last few years. But on the back end of the system, Blockchain technology looks like it may be the real winner in this first phase of cryptocurrency...
By Lindsay – Published on November 17, 2017
Alex Tapscott, Founder and CEO of NextBlock Global, breaks down how to understand blockchain, ways it will transform our economy, and more at Extraordinary Future 2017.
By Lindsay – Published on November 15, 2017
Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House International, shares his story on the creation of Extraordinary Future, hot topics at this year's show, and the power of connection at Cambridge House events.
By Nicholas – Published on October 6, 2017
The shares of gold mining companies saw quite a lot of interest from investors in 2016. But in 2017 the prices of gold shares have fallen from their 2016 highs, and left many people who were late to the party holding shares that were worth a lot more when they bought them. It is never fun to watch...
By Nicholas – Published on October 5, 2017
The US Dollar has been on a wild ride over the last year. It appeared to rally on the presidential victory of Donald Trump, only to have the worst year since at least the 1980's afterward. But it is important to realize that when we talk about the strength of the dollar, we are talking about...
By Nicholas – Published on September 24, 2017
Hive Blockchain's shares have only been trading for a few days, but they have been the subject of massive interest from investors. Far from being bid by hopeful punters, some of the biggest names in investing have made buying Hive's shares a priority. US Global Investors is sitting on 10...
By Nicholas – Published on September 20, 2017
The Extraordinary Future Conference is finally here! Today will be an action packed day filled with industry leaders speaking about what they do best. One of the featured speakers is Jamie Brown, who is a Vice Chairman at Canaccord Genuity Group, and it will be great to hear what he has to share...
By Nicholas – Published on September 19, 2017
Blockchain has taken the investment world by surprise. But there are a few people out there who have been ahead of the curve, and now one of them is putting his knowledge to work for Canadian investors. Alex Tapscott is one of the world's foremost authorities on FinTech. When the World Bank was...
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